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Hello Guys,

I'll be explaining in details everything you need to know about the Stun Crusader build in 3 and 4 man's group with a WD.

I'll approch the other variations of the build without WD later in other guides, so stay turned if you're interested.


Hello everyone,


Welcome to my first Witch Doctor Guide. In this guide I will cover everything you need to know about playing and gearing a WD support in high level Greater Rifts in Patch 2.2.1 (Season 3). Since this Guide is also for beginners I will explain each of my points as good and detailed as I can, so take your time and grab a coffee!


Thats how we get our 70ish Greater Rift Keys. Still work in progress to get the best setup and max keys (71 is our personal best so far).

Stay Tuned!


Published on Jun 8, 2015
Non Legacy Stun Witch Doctor Guide This setup works. if i'm focusing and dont do a mistak, i can permastun everything that one can permastun in this game. Watch it, enjoy it, subscribe if you like it! *Gear & Skill explanation *how to handle electrified *how to permastun Rift Guardians Guardians involved: *Raziel *Infernal Maiden *Rime *Sand Shaper *Choker *Hamelin