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Hello Guys,

I'll be explaining in details everything you need to know about the Stun Crusader build in 3 and 4 man's group with a WD.

I'll approch the other variations of the build without WD later in other guides, so stay turned if you're interested.



Summary :

1 - Stun Crusader Build 3 and 4 man's with WD
2 - Introduction
3 - Gameplay
4 - Bosses


1 - Stun Crusader Build 3 and 4 man's with WD :

- Build :

Shield Glare - Zealous Glare/Divine Verdict
Steed Charge - Draw and Quarter
Laws of Valor - Critical
Judgment - Resolved
Shield Bash - Pound
Akarat's  Champion - Prophet

- Passives :

Fervor - Indestructible - Long Arm of the Law - Towering Shield

- Gems :

Gogok of Swiftness - Isoteric Alteration - Gem of Efficacious Toxin

- Gears :

Helm - Leoric's Crown - Socket/Strengh/Vita/%Life

Shoulders - Born's Privilege - CDR/RCR/Vita/Stengh-@ Res

Chest - Born's Frozen Soul - Socket/Strengh/Vita/Elite Reduction-% Life

Gloves - Roland's Grasp - CDR/RCR/Strengh/Vita

Bracers - Drakon's Lesson - Strengh/Vita/@ Res/Armor

Belt - Vigilante Belt - Strengh/Vita/CDR/@res-% Life

Pants - Roland's Determination - Socket/Strengh/VIta/@ Res

Boots - Illusory Boots - Strengh/Vita/@ Res/MS

Amulet - Xephirian Amulet - Socket/CDR/Strengh/VIta

Ring 1 - Manald Heal - Socket/CDR/RCR/Wrath per Sec/Vita

Ring 2 - Ring of Royal Grandeur - Socket/CDR/Strengh

Weapon - Siftmount - CDR/Strengh/Wrath per Sec/Vita

Off Hand - The Final Witness - CDR/Strengh/Vita/Wrath per Sec

- Paragon :

Core - MS to 25 (Adjust it depending of what you have on the boots)
Then every other points left into Vitality.
Offense - Cooldown Reduction > Attack Speed (Critical Hit Chance/Critical Hit Damage doesn't matter)
Defense - Resit All > Life > Armor >  Life Regenaration

Utility - Resource Cost Reduction > Life on Hit (Area Damage/Gold Find doesn't matter)

2 - Introduction :

This build is heavily dependent on CDR and RCR, fi you don't have the right gears and cannot reach the numbers below, you won't be able to make it works.


76.19 % CDR is the minimum Value you need to be able to permanetly blind the Rift Guardian.


Check out how many Gogok stack you need to reach that point. This is pretty simple to do, just go to an area and open your inventory>details section, then just cycle in some mobs Shield Bash and Shiled Glare.

You just have to check you CDR in the details while doing that. When you get at least 76.19% CDR just check how many Gogok stack this is.

Shield Glare is only blinding the boss and if you want to lock him you've to use judgment wich is rooting him aswell. Since you're playing with WD, just ask him to have the boss in fear range since it's rooting aswell for the case and hard bosses where you cannot cast Judgment all the time.


You should be aiming for RCR in gloves and shoulders, Wrath Regenaration on the shield, Weapon and Manald Heal (If you can get RCR on that ring aswell it's perfect). Drakon's Lesson is another great source to reduce the wrath cost of Shiled Bash and if you want to drop Zealous Glare in favor of Divince Verdict, this piece is mandatory.

Once you get all of the above gears with the mentioned RCR and Wrath Regeneration you should be able to Drop Zealous Glare in favor of Devine Verdict.

3 - Gameplay :

This build/spec is specificaly designed to stun lock the boss and remplace the Zdog WD. As a result your pulling ability is greatly reduced since u don't have condemn/Vacuum or Sweep Attack/Gathering Sweep.

Your only way to drag is steed charge, so you'll have to adapt to the gameplay a bit.


During the rift clear, you most important job is always make sure the WD is as safe as possible from any ranged attack sources. So your first dragging targets should always be archers and ranged attackers wich might kill the WD from distance very fast.

Making damage dealers safe is not your primary objective. and once you make sure the WD is safe you can take care of melee monsters and things in the back ...etc.

If the WD happens to die what whatever reasons, just start your cycle SB/SG to blind everything until the WD is back.


The boss Stun lock is simply a cycle of Shield Glare to blind and Shield Bash to reset your blinding skill. And casting Law of Valor and judgment inbetween to buff your damge Dealers. Make sure you're not casting the buffs on the wrong time or it will pretty end everytime with the boss breaking up.


As always your best tool for clearing high level greater rifts is communication and  teamplay. You are one of the support, the WD and you always see way more than the damage dealers does. So i hightly suggest to have your group in Teamspeak to communicate.

4 - Bosses :

Some bosses are not really hard to control but you've to make sure that you don't miss a cycle or this might end getting pretty ugly for your team.


Voracity is an exemple, you have to make sure to blind him before he cast the first poison cloud or it might be very tricky or long to make him move in a spot without poison and get control if ever possible in some cases.

Obviously you don' t want that since you need every seconds you can get to kill the boss and at very high level one single misstep in the cycle might mean failing the riff instead of making it in time.

This is especially true for all the bosses that got a teleport wich lead to an enourmous lose of DPS.

So far i didn't encounter every single of the bosses with my stun Crusader so i'll try to list them from easy to very hard, but one or two might goes to an easier or harder category. But mostly that should be somehow accurate.


And remember don't lock Bosses against walls, Ball Lighting MUST go thru him or it result in an enourmous lose of dps since the lightning balls are ticking way less than they should.


Insanely Hard - Impossible


Very Hard

Man Carver - Crusader King- Erethon - The Chocker


Saxtris - Cold Snap - Orlash - Voracity


Bone Warlock - Sand Shaper- Thetrys - Rime - Ember - Agnidox - Eskandiel


Hamelin - Perdition - Perendi - Infernal Maiden - The Binder - Stonesinger - Blighter - Raiziel

I think that's about it and i should have covered everything you need to know.
This Support Crusader Version require a different WD support than usual and i would suggest using one with Ess of Johan. Some people love it and cannot play without, some other have other opinons, so i'll leave the choice up to you here.

But you can check [Void]GaiA WD guide here if you want some more informations :


I hope that was helpfull, good luck in sanctuary, Nephalem !


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