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I wanted to find more about how is Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band working on my follower. We profit from secondary affix on ring: You drain life from enemies around you. Because of the requirement of meele range with procs on this ring, you need to pick templar. This setup is profitable for Greater Rift guardians. Your possible damage output can be around 14,000,000 per hit.
Damage output & understanding
I tested the setup in several situations. We have some basic factors that affects the damage.
1) On ring is "max" damage limit. It cannot leech more than 2000% of the character's own damage - that is around 14,000,000 damage for me. This limit exists because of the second one.
2) We don't need to care much about it. Around 2,000,000,000 HP and lower is the damage counted from current life of the target. By hit you will do damage that is equal to 0,5% life of the target. If the boss will have around 220,000,000,000 HP, you will do 99% of the fight damage that is limited by first factor. If there would be no first limit, damage by 0,5 % life on GR 60 guardian would be insane.

Items on Templar
It seems that damage number is affected by your total damage. You will not fail anything if you will just go for max damage number. My setup:
Ring1: Bul-Kathos - Socket / Str / +- Damage / CHD
Ring2: Unity - Socket / +- Damage or Str / CHC
Templar's Relic: Str/ CHD
Amulet: Str/ Socket/ +-Damage / CHC
Shield: Str/ Socket/ CHC
Weapon: 10% Damage/ Str/ +- Damage/ Socket/ Attack Speed (Sun Keeper for elite damage that you want for boss.)



I hope this will help some people that didn't know it yet.